Sabtu, 09 Februari 2013

Contoh Analytical Exposition, Hortatory Exposition dan Spoof

1. Analitycal Expotition
Be Aware of the Human Causes of Global Warming
                Global warming is a serious condition that effects our planet. It is important to be aware of the human causes of global warming in order to prevent additional global warming from occuring. While humans contribute a lot to global warming there are also natural ways in which global warming occurs. For these types of situations there is little that can be done to stop the global warming which may occurs.
                Humans on the other hand have the opportunity to curb a number  of the activities which can contribute to an increase in global warming. By simply limiting these activities, or reinventing how they are done, the planet can remain a healthier place for everyone to live.
          2. Hortatory Expotition
The Ways How Ride the Vehicles Carefully
                It is dangerous to ride too close to the car in front of you. If it is stop suddenly, you may not be able to brake in time and then you will collide with it. There are many ways to ride vehicles safely on the streets.
                First, if you want to turn to the right, you must be very careful. Look back to see that no other vehicles are coming from behind. Before you turn, you must give a signal, by waving your right hand. Do not cycle more than two rows, especially on narrow streets. And do not play jokes along the way. You must keep you attention close the traffic around you.
                Secondly, be careful with passers by in front of you. some people are careless when they walk alone the sreet. Often time, children play on the sreets. So you must slow down in places where there are many children.
                Last but not least, you should make sure that your bicycle is in the best condition. If the brake does not work. It will be dangerous. If you cycle at night, you should make sure that you have a light on your bicycle.
3. Spoof
                A man got into a train and found himself sitting opposite a woman who seemed to be about thirty-five years old. Soon they began talking to each other, and he said to her, “Do you have a family?”
                “Yes, i have one soon, “ the woman answered.
                “ Oh really ?” said the man. “ Does he smoke?”
“No, he’s never touched a cigarette,” the woman replied.
“ That’s good, “ the man continued. “ i don’t smoke either. Tobacco is very bad for one’s health. And does you son drink wine ?”
“ Oh, no.” The woman answered at once, “ he’s never drunk a drop of it.”
“Then i congratulate you, Ma’am,” the man said. “And does he ever come home late at night ?”
“No, ever”, his neighbour answered. “He goes to bed immadiately after dinner every night.”
“Well,” the man said,”he’s wise young man. How old is he?”
“He’s six month old today, “ the woman replied proudly.

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